Some Affordable Closet Makeover Tips

The task of having and maintaining an organized closet at times can seem daunting and for many a complete impossibility! Below are a few expert tips that will hopefully help to get you going in the right direction, plus, they won’t break the bank!


This is the first crucial step in your closet make-over. Although it can seem like a daunting task at first, you need to take stock of what’s currently being stored in there! Clear a large space on the floor and lay out all of your closet’s contents to really see what you have. Generally speaking, if there is something seasonally appropriate that you haven’t worn in the last few months, place it in a discard pile. You can re-evaluate your discard pile at the end before making any final decisions.

Once you have downsized a bit, there are several methods of organization that can help you see all of the contents of your closet. It all comes down to choosing the one that best suits your needs. One method is to place all like items together. You can do this either by color or use. Placing all your red tops together, for instance will help you when putting an outfit together last minute, or if you prefer the seasonal approach, putting all of your sweaters together in the same spot can also simplify some last minute decisions as well.

If you have downsized and still seem to lack enough space, consider rotating your wardrobe out seasonally. For instance, during the summer months, everything seasonal can be placed front and center while the winter attire is placed in the back or in nooks and crannies. When the seasons change, switch it out. Or if preferred, make use of vacuum packed storage bags that can be stored under a bed until items are needed.

Generally speaking, it also helps to organize clothing based upon how often it is used. If you have a favorite top that goes with just about anything, have it’s location be front and center so that it is easily accessible. Less-used items can be stored below and least used items can be stored up above in boxes or on high shelves.


Accessorizing a little here or there can make a huge difference without costing an arm or a leg. First, consider what kind of lighting you have available to you in your closet. Most walk-in closets will have one overhead light, but more frequently than not, does not provide enough lighting to see all of the items that you have available. Consider purchasing some tap lights or motion sense lights in the corners where you may not naturally have a lot of light available to you. Most of these items run on a couple of batteries and take ten minutes or less to mount on your wall.

Once lighting is figured out, consider clear plastic drawers or multi-tiered hangers so that every item that you have worked so hard to organize and categorize is clearly visible. Lastly, think through all of your smaller accessories. like scarves, jewelry or sunglasses. A quick trip to the store will give you multiple options of drawer dividers smaller storage options. If you are the crafty type, a quick search on Pinterest will provide many creative options for storing your accessories that you may not have even thought of!


A big way to maximize your closet is to get creative with your use of every last square inch of space that you have available to you. There are well-designed over the door shoe racks, for example, that fit perfectly over most closet doors. Find a way to hang your tie options on the wall, and try to think outside the box of all the ways you can use that extra door and wall space.

Lastly, consider how feasible it would be to add extra shelves at the top or bottom of your closet. Even if there is just a small space at the top, adding an extra row of shelves for shorter items can maximize the space you have available to you by a lot!

These closet make-over suggestions provide some efficient ways to organize without spending a ton on shelving units or companies. Many experts would agree that there is no one right way to do it, so consider what best suits your needs and get creative!


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