5 Qualities of a Good Real Estate Agent

Finding a good realtor can be a real challenge! With so many different practices and personalities out there, finding the right fit can seem like a daunting task. Overall, however, most people agree that they want a real estate agent who is on their side. Genuinely. Not just what appearances are, but someone who will fight to get their client a fair price; which is from a buyers or a sellers perspective! Below are 5 key components that will hopefully guide in your decision to select a quality agent that is right for you.


A good agent is an awesome communicator! They are the ones who prioritize and respect their clients, and are aware that good communication leads to a quicker sale and is efficient for both sides. They explain everything they are doing each step of the way. When they meet with clients, they are open about the process, potential roadblocks and scenarios that could occur. They return calls and emails at lightning speed, and are prompt to address their client’s questions and concerns. They are motivated in going beyond their own business tasks to really listen and get to know their client, and learn what they are ultimately interested in.


A good realtor is current when it comes to several different categories. They are up to date on the latest housing/market trends to better guide their sellers in staging, or give advice on how to remedy a potential setback with their buyers. They are also up on the latest technology which further aids their good communication skills. Owning a smart phone, for example, gives the agent the ability to communicate via phone call, text or email from virtually anywhere. They are also proactive about utilizing the latest technology to educate themselves on the daily market fluctuations and can therefore provide better guidance for their clients.


Great agents are experienced and have been around the block, literally! They know the neighborhoods in the area inside and out and have a feel for what a home is worth or what it should sell for. Since this can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood even within the same city limits, this is invaluable information for a client to have! They also are the first to know when a new home becomes for sale in a desired neighborhood as well. Another bonus to having a knowledgable and experienced realtor is that they can give recommendations to clients who are new to the area based upon what they think might be a good fit.


With a realtor that has integrity and honesty, clients know that their realtor always has their best interest in mind. They are respectful of everyone’s time and will give an honest and fair assessment of what they believe a home is worth. This saves a lot of time and spares both parties from unnecessary wasted money and frustration! They also work extremely hard, and are available nights and weekends to get their clients the home they want or would like to sell at the best price possible.


A good realtor with experience knows who to align themselves with. They work on a team that provides the same, top-notch quality service that they do. They also give solid, quality recommendations for the best contractors, appraisers, lenders and insurance providers in the business. They can also give sources of several quality references from previous clients that they have worked with.

All of the above points describe the qualities of a person who has an overall passion and respect for what they do. Look for these characteristics and guaranteed, you will be happy with the realtor that you select to work for you!




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